Vision, mission and organization culture

Vision: “D&T Plus Viet Nam aims at maintaining a sustainable living environment for Viet community”.

Mission: “D&T Plus Viet Nam is committed to developing itself towards a leading private group in Viet Nam, which stays by side of micro, small enterprises and low income community, esp. those in rural and disadvantaged areas and provides products/services supporting linkage in financial resource, knowledge and markets. In view of its more specific mission, D&T Plus will focus on activities to assist the production, market linkage and consumption of agro-products, to ensure sustainable livelihood of local community”.

Organizational culture: In compliance with cultural standards of its network, D&T Plus always have great respect for staff and clients, pay special attention to honesty, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency. Market information is frequently exchanged. In short, 5 cultural criteria has been set including: Transparency, Effectiveness, Client-oriented Approach, Innovation and Team work.

Member organizations/ Network:
– In 01/2011, D&T Plus Viet Nam made a decision of establishing Viet Rural Enterprise Development Center (VietED) whose mission is to “Knowledge linkage” and support enterprises in Vietnam, mainly SMEs ones and households in rural and disadvantaged areas. For more information about VietED, please go to
– In 04/2011, in line with the mission of serving “Financial linkage” for target groups of D&T Plus (SMEs and households), Foundation supporting low-income households economy development (VietED Foundation) was established. It is designed with the mission of directly developing and managing the micro-finance program –Poverty reduction together. For more information related to VietED Foundation, please refer to and facebook: Chungsucgiamngheo.

Enhanced capacity and quality of services: In order to become a leading group in the field of providing consultation and implementing projects related to community development, social welfare and poverty alleviation, we always pay attention to building our capacity and improving quality of services, trying our best and learning experiences from national and international experts.
Client-oriented approach:

  • Always listen to clients’ opinions so as to improve our services;
  • Fulfill demands of a wide variety of clients by professional and diversified services;
  • Form and maintain sustainable relations with clients.

Active and innovative: We encourage our team members and collaborators to be active and innovative since these factors are supposed to help us become a professional and prestigious group in the field.
Cooperation, sharing and trust:

  • Collective power is one of key factors which help to create strengths of D&T;
  • Enhanced cooperation and experience sharing with partners claim much of our attention;
  • Power of team work is harnessed as much as possible.

With the slogan “Enhanced market linkage”, D&T Plus always tries best to become a professional consultant organization with services provided nationwide to support the linkage between community and resources, also ensure missions of VietED group: financial linkage, market linkage and knowledge linkage.
Mobilization of all resources for clients’ benefits: Our experts, consultants and researchers are all clear that success of D&T Plus lies in the values that we bring to our clients. Therefore, we are committed to mobilizing every resource in order to provide our clients high quality consultancy services.

Scientific work procedures: We apply advanced and practical consultancy techniques. Clients’ demands are analyzed and evaluated before appropriate actions are taken in a professional and scientific manner. For us, work progress and efficiency are always considered two most crucial factors of a high quality service.
Support for clients even when consultancy package already completed: Clients’ request for consultation is responded with our assurance to implementation progress and quality. In addition, we are willing to give advice for problems that clients face up with after we complete out consultancy package with the hope that our clients know how to deal with the situations. Our purpose here is to ensure benefits for clients.
Long-term and sustainable relationship: We started by establishing a relationship of cooperation and trust with clients through completed and high quality services provided. We also try to maintain the relationship in the long term. Our policies related to support and consultation provided to clients help to build and foster their complete trust in our services. We understand and follow the principle “The provision of services is just the starting point of a long-term and sustainable relationship that we have to build with our clients”.