Field of work & geographical area

D&T Plus Viet Nam consists of national and international consultants and experts who work for the purpose of supporting improvements in management skills as well as the quality of household activities, and SMEs in rural areas (especially disadvantaged ones). Through our services, we hope that target groups are able to develop in a more sustainable environment. D&T Plus focuses on 4 main areas:

  • Consultation related to community development with concentration on financial opportunities, knowledge of market linkages, and information technology;
  • Trading services with focus on available channels;
  • Investment activities in real estate, finance, and construction;
  • Automation, mechanical engineering, and the environment;
  • Science & technology services: Provision of extension services, fertilizers, and analysis of soil conditions for households and enterprises;
  • Training on topics related to the aforementioned areas.

Specific activities:
Survey and evaluation (member organization: VietED)

  • Market survey;
  • Study of value chain;
  • Sociological survey;
  • Advice for issues related to community consultation.

Training (member organization: VietED)

  • Composition of training materials;
  • Training for improved capacity in institutionalization;
  • Training on management capacity;
  • Training on establishment of intellectual property and brand development;
  • Training services for enterprises;
  • Information provision.
  • Regular legal newsletter provided for organizations and enterprises;
  • Documents related to different topics analyzed and provided;
  • Information provision system developed as per request of each organization/ enterprise;
  • System of documents in various topics provided and analyzed.

Services related to intellectual property and consultation on governance and development of brand name, especially the services in brand name protection, management and usage for local specialities.

  • Conduct surveys and collect data to serve the registration of trademarks for local specialities;
  • Evaluate and analyze characteristics of a product in order to make a decision on protecting/not protecting that local specialty;
  • Establish and advise on activities of communities which are necessary for trademark registration;
  • Prepare documents, submit and update the procedures to continue with trademark registration for local specialties;
  • Develop a system of organizational structures and legal documents to serve the management and usage of brand names for local specialties;
  • Provide training for organizations, households and individuals in areas which have local specialties on the role and importance of brand name protection and management;
  • Give consultation on inter-sectors and market linkage for products with protected trademarks.

D&T Plus Viet Nam offers a wide variety of consultation services in order to support clients’ development as much as possible. We are proud of the number of traditional clients as well as their trust and high appreciation for our services. The majority of our clients are non-governmental organizations, domestic/international investors, state companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutions, and national/international training organizations. Recently, we have implemented a number of consulting packages in the fields of aquaculture, construction, employment, management training, investment, taxation, enterprise restructuring. We also work in the fields of “Commercial linkage” and “Intellectual property” which are closely associated with key strengths of D&T Plus.

With our scale of operation and fields of work towards community and social development, D&T Plus Viet Nam have been present and have acquired a good understanding of all areas across the country.