VietED Center

1. Overview

Viet Rural Enterprise Development Center (abbreviated as VietED Center) is an organization working in scientific technological tools and community development. The center was founded on 09 August, 2010 according to the Decision No. 364 by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), according to the Science and Technology Law, and Decree No. 81/2002/ND-CP by the Government on 17 October, 2002. The center is granted the license No. A-952, by the Ministry of Science and Technology on 10 January 2011.

VietED Center’s function is to gather officials, domestic and foreign experts in order to enhance the management capacity and operation quality of households and micro-enterprises in rural areas, especially disadvantaged areas so that they can develop in a sustainable environment. The Center focuses on the following scientific and technological activities:

  • – To conduct scientific research and develop technology in the field of microeconomics, finance, business skills, technical extension, fertilizer and soil.
  • – To test, evaluate and replicate the sustainable model in microeconomic and agricultural development; Create a new livelihood, enhance business development skills, financial support, create connections in the product market, increase agricultural products and build handicrafts branding.
  • – Provide Science and Technology services: technical extension, fertilizer and soil analysis to farmers and micro-enterprises; Train and enhance the professions in the above research areas.
  • – To coordinate with individuals and organizations at home and as well abroad to fulfill the mission of the Center.

2. Vision, Mission and Organizational Culture in VietED

Vision: VietED Center acts for a poverty-free society in Vietnam”

Mission: “VietED Center commits to support the development of community economic activities through enhancing the business development understandings and skills of low-income households and micro-enterprises, focusing on rural and disadvantageous areas, by connecting appropriately and effectively financial opportunities, science and technology, organizations/networks and the market.”

VietED Center respects its staffs and clients, heading to a fair, transparent, and highly efficient environment. Information and communication is two-way relationship for continuous improvements and sustainable development. The Center focuses on 5 main cultural standards: “Transparency, effectiveness, customer-orientation, creativeness, and team-work”.